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Phase Two

Phase One

Fractals EP and Fake Reality EP  conjoined as an album, Fractal Reality LP.  Out on all platforms.

"“Fake Reality” is a journey filled with uplifting synthesizer crescendos, hints of lo-fi nostalgia, and edgy midtempo rhythms. It's a reflection of how I feel at the time, as are all of my songs."

Fake Reality is the beginning of illuciid's timeline of original music.  During its creation, the music was heavily influenced by deadmau5 and Boards of Canada.  ​

​Following Fake Reality, illuciid picked up right where he left off and created the dark sequel “Fractals” in July 2017.  Inspired by Rezz  deadmau5 and Boards of Canada, "Fractals" contains haunting melodies and surges of aggression followed by the mysterious and eerie “Subside” and concludes with the cinematic cliffhanger titled “Come to Dawn”.  


One in a Million is illuciid's first official remix.  New Ordinance is the moniker of New York based multi-talented instrumentalist, vocalist and producer, Gray Devio.  illuciid injects mid-tempo and synthwave influences into New Ordinance's progressive house & trance release.

All songs written, composed, engineered & shaped by Ryan Smith


© 2022 illuciidHQ & Death Ego Records

℗ 2022 illuciidHQ & Death Ego Records

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